iBlow featured in ExKlusiva Magazine

Is your organization prepared for the 93/2021 Act?

To better understand what changes this law brings, we talked to Constantino Ferreira, from the iBlow.eu team.

In your opinion, is this a safer way to protect the reputation of the company itself?

CF – Undoubtedly, no organization has an interest in “washing its dirty linen” out of doors. The more whistleblowing processes “close well”, and when I say well I mean that it satisfies the whistleblower with evidence of work carried out that returns effectiveness in eliminating the problem, internally, where all the information will remain exclusively between the whistleblower and the entity in question – the better for all….


Download the pdf, here!


iBlow Europe – A solution for the protection of whistleblowers


Published at: 13/09/2022


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