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Promise of a ‘pedagogical’ approach and organizational reform is made by the new president of the CNPD

The National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) recently welcomed a new president, Paula Meira Lourenço, who brought with her a vision of change and the promise of a more pedagogical approach to business and internal reform. These changes aim to strengthen data protection and ensure compliance with current regulations. In this article, we will explore the new president’s key proposals and the impact they may have on the privacy and data protection landscape in the country. 

Commitment to an educational approach 

One of the main proposals of the new president of the CNPD, Paula Meira Lourenço, is to adopt a more pedagogical stance towards companies. This means that instead of focusing only on punishments and sanctions, the CNPD will seek to guide and educate organizations on best practices in data protection. This approach aims to promote greater awareness and understanding of companies’ responsibilities with regard to the protection of personal data. Through training and information dissemination programs, the CNPD aims to help companies implement appropriate security and privacy measures. 

Internal reform of the National Commission 

In addition to the educational approach, the new President is also committed to promoting the internal reform of the CNPD. This reform includes the review of internal processes, the modernization of the technological infrastructure and the strengthening of the team of data protection experts. The intention is to make the CNPD more agile, efficient and capable of dealing with the increasingly complex and sophisticated challenges in the field of data protection.  

Collaboration with other entities 

The new president of the CNPD also stressed the importance of collaboration with other entities, national and international. The exchange of knowledge and experiences with regulators and similar organizations in other countries can bring new perspectives and best practices in data protection. In addition, cooperation with governmental entities and specific industry sectors will allow the development of more adequate regulation adapted to the reality of each sector.

Benefits for businesses and citizens  

These proposed educational and internal reform approaches bring benefits to both businesses and citizens. Companies will have access to clear guidance and guidelines to ensure compliance with data protection legislation, reducing the risk of sanctions and improving their reputation. On the other hand, citizens will benefit from greater protection of their personal data, resulting in a more secure and transparent digital environment.


The new chair of the National Commission is determined to bring about significant changes in the field of data protection. Her educational approach and commitment to internal organizational reform demonstrate a quest for continuous improvement and strengthening of personal data protection. These initiatives have the potential to create a safer and more responsible environment for businesses and citizens by enhancing trust in the use and handling of data. We will closely monitor the evolution of these proposals and their impact on the privacy and data protection landscape in the country. 

Published at: 23/05/2023

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