Unite against Corruption: How to fight illicit practices

Unite against Corruption: How to fight corruption and illicit practices

In order to fight corruption in the public and private sectors, it is necessary to adopt a national, global and integrated strategy that involves the prevention, detection and repression of the phenomenon. Some of the measures that can be implemented are:

Improving knowledge

Training and institutional practices on transparency and integrity, promoting a culture of ethics and responsibility among public and private agents, and raising awareness among civil society of the harmful effects of corruption. Talk to us about tailor-made annual training plans.

Preventing and detecting corruption risks

In both the public and private sectors, by adopting codes of conduct, risk prevention plans, internal control and auditing mechanisms, and whistleblowing and whistleblower protection systems. How can we help you provide services to implement these themes?

Engaging the private sector

In the prevention, detection and prosecution of corruption, requiring medium-sized and large companies to have risk prevention plans for corruption and related offenses, and to adopt compliance and social responsibility measures.

Strengthening coordination between public and private institutions

Creating cooperation and information-sharing networks, and encouraging the participation of citizens, civil society organizations and the media in monitoring and fighting corruption.

Ensuring more effective and uniform application

Of the legal mechanisms for prosecuting corruption, improving the response time of the judicial system and ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of punishment, using instruments such as extended confiscation, criminal liability of legal persons, rewarded collaboration and the specialization of criminal police bodies and courts.

Regularly produce and disseminate reliable information on the phenomenon of corruption

By drawing up a national anti-corruption report, studies and indicators, and by making data open and accessible to the public.

Cooperating internationally in the fight against corruption

Fulfilling the commitments made within the framework of international organizations and instruments, and strengthening legal and police cooperation with other countries.


The importance of transparency, compliance and ethics in business is clear, as these are ways of preventing and fighting corruption, guaranteeing the trust of customers, suppliers, investors and society in general, improving the reputation and competitiveness of companies, and contributing to sustainable development and market integrity.


Make a difference! Adopt ethical practices and fight corruption, we can help – talk to us!


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