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What are the obligations of an entity following an internal report?

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The entity receiving an internal report is obliged to notify, within a maximum of 7 days, the receipt to the reporting person, as well as provide him/her with complete and accurate information as to the possibility of making an external report to the competent authorities, including information on its form and admissibility requirements.

The obliged entity should take appropriate internal actions to verify the reported breach, and may put an end to the breach by opening an internal investigation or reporting it to the competent authority for investigation. It is also obliged to notify the reporting person of the procedures adopted or to be adopted, within a maximum of three months from the receipt of the report and to communicate the result of the examination of the report, if the reporting person has requested it, within 15 days.

Breach of these obligations may lead to the commission of an administrative offence of between €1,000 and €125,000.

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Published at: 17/11/2022

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